Time to party.

I always feel incredibly humbled and touched when I meet my followers (if not slightly gobsmacked that I’ve been recognised… Maybe it’s the hair?), but I especially love meeting my followers when they can crochet. 

I don’t know what it is about crocheters – you could chat for hours without even realising. Probably because we are all a bit mad? But anyway, if it isn’t our shared obsession with wool or our addiction to colour, then it’s simply our pure love for creating pretty things that keeps the conversation flowing. 

When I taught myself to crochet, I didn’t even realise that there was such a community surrounding it. I knew nobody that could crochet, other than my friend Marianne, but she was a beginner too (albeit much less inclined to throw crochet tantrums than I – if you remember learning to crochet, then you’ll know what I’m talking about). I have never met such welcoming, kind and funny people as I have since teaching and designing crochet. Admittedly, I have come across some not-so-nice people that are intent on making me cry, but hey, that’s Facebook for ya – and they are a very VERY small number out of so many. 

My social media channels are wonderful for chatting to other crocheters and hearing from the people that enjoy making my designs from Etsy. I also find that Instagram is a great place to keep in touch with people that I meet at workshops and fairs. There’s nothing more heart warming than someone showing me a photo of their very first garment, just days after I taught them to crochet (and well and truly infected them with the crochet bug). 

So, back to the party. I was chatting to an old friend the other day, that I met at a workshop when I was just starting out, and we decided it would be lovely to have a get together. An afternoon of laughs, cake, silly amounts of wool and lots of unfinished crochet projects – because we all have a drawer (or chest of drawers) full of those…

After a quick vote on the date – because I wanted a day when the most old friends and new faces could come – we decided on the 21st June, 1-4pm. The party will be held at my little cottage just outside York, aka Frank&Olive HQ. 

It would be so lovely to see you there, but if you can’t make it, let’s make it a regular thing! And if you’re feeling glum because you’re too far away, then why not make a weekend of it and come for the retreat. An experience well worth the journey I can assure you!


 N.B please feel free to bring your party hats – I’ll have my frock on. 

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