The date is set! Wedding planning is now well under way and I’d absolutely love all of you wonderful crocheters to be part of the day (I don’t think I’d fit you all in the venue…), so I thought I would host a decoration themed crochet-along. Any creations that you’d like to donate would be just beautiful and a great way for me to celebrate the day with all of you – and, of course, any that you keep would be pretty things to decorate your home or give as gifts!

What do you all think? You in?


Each week I will post a new pattern for us all to make together, with the hashtag #FrankandOliveCAL so that we can all share our progress and favourite yarn combos over on Instagram (I’m @frankandolivecrochet). Each pattern will be easy enough for beginners, with lots of pictures and simple instructions to help you  – but they will be some of my all time faves, which I hope even the most experienced crocheters will enjoy! Each will be a quick and easy, stash-busting project, so you can make as many as you like in all of your favourite colours.


So, this week, it’s roses! These were one of the first things I ever learned to make, and I still love them just as much now. A really quick and fun little project that really makes me smile once I’ve finished. With all of our beautiful roses that we receive, we will make a beautiful backdrop display for our wedding photographs, that will be treasured for ever! Make sure you keep some for yourself too, because kids love them and they make gorgeous gifts, attached to rings and brooches – not to mention stitching them onto blankets and clothing.

I can’t wait to see your pretty creations! If you’d like to send your roses, then the address is:

Frank&Olive, Plum Tree Cottage, Kirkby Wharfe, Tadcaster, LS24 9DD.

The person that sends us the prettiest colour combos will get their roses shared on the blog AND receive an exclusive discount to spend on wool!

Rose Pattern



  • DK or aran cotton yarn (any colour, any brand)
  • 4mm hook
  • Tapestry needle

Row 1

ch52. 1dc into 2nd ch from hook and into each ch across. Ch1 and turn.


Row 2

*2dc into first st, then 1dc into the next and 2dc into st after that*. Rep from *to* until you reach the end of the row. Turn, but do not ch. (Your strip of stitches should be curving around now, as you can see in the picture below)


Row 3

5tr into second st from hook, miss one st and slst into the next. **miss 1st, 5tr into next st, miss 1st and slst in the next** rep from **to** to the end of the row, making 19 petals. Fasten off, leaving a length of yarn to stitch your rose together.


Assembling Your Rose

Starting from the end without the dangling ends, begin rolling up your strip of petals to form a rose shape. You can adjust and perfect the petals into position as you go. Using the length of yarn that you have left dangling, attach a tapestry needle and carefully secure the petals in place. Weave in ends.


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