Bunny love


Happy Easter everybunny!

Olive is getting a rabbit, a really bloody cute Netherland Dwarf rabbit, and she’s decided to name it ‘Little Rabbit FouFou’. No, I’m not kidding. Anyway, because of the new addition to the family, we’ve all gone a bit cray for bunnies. As it’s Easter bank holiday weekend I felt an overwhelming urge to crochet some fluffy friends for Olive’s room, in anticipation of the arrival of her new actual real-life rabbit. Because I love you (and rabbits), I thought I’d wish you all a wonderful weekend and share the pattern with you for FREE!


(How epic is this Lindt carrot?! It’s actually filled with Lindt bunnies and eggs! Boy did good this year.)

Frank&Olive Bunny Bunting



This pattern uses UK terminology.


Rnd 1

Ch4, 4tr into the first ch (furthest from hook), ch3 and slst back into the post of last 1tr worked. 7 more tr into same ch as prev 4tr. Slst to first st and ch4. (15sts incl ch)


Rnd 2

2dtr then 1tr all into first st, ch5 and slst to the post of last tr worked. Fasten off and weave in ends. (9sts incl ch)

Make 6 bunnies and thread onto length of ribbon. Knot the ribbon after each bunny is added, to secure it in place.


Please please show me your finished bunnies on Instagram, using the tag #frankandolivebunnies – I would LOVE to see them!

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