Supersize Crochet

I’m pretty sure you will all have heard about Sarah Shrimpton’s new book by now, Supersize Crochet? I mean, wow.


It’s not often I come across a book that contains so many designs that I would actually make (come on, admit it, most books have a load of designs in them that are weird or just plain boring). Sarah has compiled so many great designs that are quick and easy, mega fun and that look awesome too. As a massively impatient crocheter, this book is right up my street.


I wanted to choose a design to make for this blog post, following Sarah’s pattern, to show you how great they all are but I didn’t want to simply replicate what has already been done. I wanted to show how you can take a fantastic pattern and make it your own, to suit your own home and you’re own style. So instead, I have taken inspiration from Sarah’s mad skills and have created my own enormous wall hanging, taking on board her epic ideas and making something a bit mad (and a bit awesome).


I completely fell in love with the supersize wall hanging. Just look at it. So squishy and fluffy and so stupidly quick to make – winner! I loved Sarah’s chic and simple design, but it would just a get a bit lost in my super colourful house. So, I decided to get in touch with my friend Andrea from Woolly Mahoosive and arrange a visit…

The amount of enormous balls of supersize yarn at the Woolly Mahoosive HQ was quite literally insane. It was floor to ceiling and it was glorious. With help from Andrea, I chose some of my fave colours and shoved them into massive bags to take away with me. Pure heaven.

IMG_3367It was pretty hilarious when I got it all home because I couldn’t even fit the giant balls in the work room and the kids just stood open-mouthed watching me struggle to get them into the house… it’s amazing how heavy they are!

IMG_3138So, armed with my enormous 50mm crochet hook (which could probably kill someone), i sat down to make a giant granny square. With a respectful nod to Sarah’s original design, I was butterflies-in-my-tummy excited to create an enormous granny square with a hook as big as my forearm. I knew it was going to be a whopper. I had it whipped up in no time at all – an hour tops – and I could. not. wait. to put it up on the wall (confession: I haven’t yet found something worthy, or strong enough, to hang it up with BUT it is eventually going to be hung proudly above my bed so that I can admire it every morning).


The book is literally filled with amazing designs that can be customised for your own home and trust me, it’s the most fun EVER. Here area few more of Sarah’s gorgeous designs from the book…

Who doesn’t want to fill their home with enormous crochet? You can buy your own hard copy of the book here AND I’m also running a giveaway – Yay! Head on over to @frankandolive on Instagram to enter and be in for a chance of winning a free PDF copy of the entire book!

pssst! You can also find Sarah on Instagram – follow @annaboos_house 🙂

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